Travel Schedule

Marianne Shenefelt, MWGM's Schedule
Brother Henry will be traveling much of the time on our Most Worthy Grand Matron's schedule below.
We will add any special events where he will be as we are informed.
Corona Virus Cancellations
Message from MWGM & MWGP Cancelling Scheduled Visits and Functions, August 17, 2021
(Except GGC Live Streamed 50th Triennial Assembly, November 3-4, 2021)

GGC International Headquarters is closed for tours until further notice.

Cancellations from the MWGM.  All of the official Visits as the MWGM have been cancelled through the end of June.  In addition: due to COVID-19, the MWGM cancelled some additonal activities. 
See April 18, 2020 Letter
January 6, 2021 Letter

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